Ralph Lauren is a name which holds tremendous influence not only among those in the fashion industry, but across everything that relates to lifestyle.  He is among the most iconic people that showcased the runway and is truly a fashion legend. Lauren is the designer behind the brand “Eponymous”, which was established in the year 1968 and since then has been known to glamorously dress a number of celebrities. Due to his legendary achievements, HBO has decided to make a documentary that showcases the life of this legendary figure in the hopes of inspiring young fashion enthusiasts.

From Cat Walk to the Hall of Fame

The prominent channel, HBO, has announced their new project which will revolve around the early life of Ralph Lauren up to his creation of an empire. The documentary, Very Ralph, is going to have its debut on the third week of November. It is directed and produced by the marvelous Susan Lacy and is expected to be as grand as the name of its hero.

What Will The Documentary Cover?

The documentary will show a number of live interviews with the icon. It will feature how he started in the Bronx, which includes all the events and journey that led him to become who he is today. It will also include insights from his family members as well as his friends which would help the viewers have a closer look at what the icon is in the perspective of people that are close to him. 

Lauren and His Brand

Ralph Lauren is branded as the first-ever designer to create a brand that covers everything that relates to lifestyle: from kitchen wares, beddings, bath wares, all sorts of decorative media, and many more, his brand will answer all your aesthetic cravings. His brand is known to be of top quality that brings satisfaction not only in functionality but also aesthetically.