Four global fashion weeks are raved all around the world every year. Held in four different cities, London, Milan, New York, and Paris, it showcases a hoard of clothing from the latest collection of tons of well-known designers. While this prestigious showcase has long influenced the fashion industry, with the rise of climate change and environmental consciousness, activists start to call out its excessive production of carbon footprint.

Activists Encourage Sustainability

Extinction Rebellion, a movement against climate change, took it to themselves to write to the British Fashion Council encouraging a declaration of a climate and ecological emergency.

It is estimated that by 2050, the industry will be responsible for at least a quarter of all carbon emissions due to its use of the textile.

The movement has been vocal that it does not want to abolish Fashion Week, but rather its apathy towards the increasing damage it causes to the environment. 

Persistence of Capitalism

While many do agree with the fashion industry’s unsustainable activities, some people also argued that taking it down would mean a huge loss of capital affecting jobs around the world. Without a doubt, the fashion industry is already worth millions. In the United Kingdom alone, it has an estimated worth of £32bn. Around the world, its media coverage amounts to £90m while clothing orders are worth £100m year. To effect a sudden change in the industry might mean the loss of some business which will directly affect civilian workers. 

What’s in Store for the Future Generation? 

Extinction Rebellion has challenged designers to make their showcases sustainable. They have encouraged well-known designers to do so not primarily because of climate change, but also to ensure that there is a future for the fashion industry. Budding designers are already well-aware of the dangers of Fashion Week and has incorporated sustainability in their designs. It is high time that established designers will follow suit to encourage more designers to do so.